You made the team (or the starting lineup). BUT …

Making it is one thing, staying is a whole ‘nother ball game.

The work doesn’t end when you “make it” to whatever level your are shooting for. In fact, it has only just begun!

Your next level, no matter what it is, will require that you RISE, learn, continue to GROW!

Stack Your Wins can help you stay on track with that.

Because you will face challenges you’ve never faced before. There will be hiccups. There will be triumphs. There will be discouraging times. There will be times for celebration. But there will be times you doubt yourself too.

Totally normal!
Through it all, Stack Your Wins will walk you through Daily Success Habits that ensure you …

  • keep moving forward
  • don’t get complacent
  • have support if/when you falter
  • have a process to go back to get back on track
  • celebrate when you WIN so you can keep the momentum going
  • continue making positive adjustments along the way

… and so much more.
All within the pages of this simple, yet powerful, 12-week journal <3

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Stacie Mahoe

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